Atlas Star 1 Kb DNA Ladder


For precise sizing of double-stranded DNA fragments from 300 to 10000 bp on agarose gels.


Atlas Star 1 Kb DNA Ladder consists of 13 fragments: 300 bp, 500 bp, 700 bp, 1000 bp, 1500 bp, 2000 bp, 2500 bp, 3000 bp, 4000 bp, 5000 bp, 6000 bp, 8000 bp and 10000 bp (Figure 1). Atlas 1 kb DNA Ladder is a ready-to-use molecular weight marker suitable for DNA fragment size determination on gel electrophoresis. Atlas 1 kb DNA Ladder is formulated to run accurately and to provide crisp band patterns. It contains two dyes: bromophenol blue and xylene cyanole which serve as visual aid to monitor the progress of migration during agarose gel electrophoresis.


Figure 1. Atlas Star 1 Kb DNA Ladder Plus.

Storage conditions: -20ºC up to one year or 4ºC for one month.

Comments: This product is  supplied for research use only.

Product Quantity Cat. # Data Sheet MSDS
Atlas Star 1Kb DNA Ladder Express 500 µl BT10701