About Us

Bioatlas is now over 6 years old and we are glad to have seen that those years were dynamic and our company has been growing with each year.

We are an advancing European biotechnology company providing high quality molecular biology products to distributors, OEM resellers and researchers.

We started Bioatlas with the intention of establishing a portfolio of molecular biology reagents, so that people would be able to find many products they need from a single source, giving our customers the opportunity to spend less time thinking about the reagents they use and more time on their research.

Our products have been developed and tested to ensure their performance in where they matter the most – your experiments. We are proud that our collaboration with our customers and partners has become long term, and these relationships are everything Bioatlas is about.

We are constantly improving our offering, both in the lab, as well as our customer service. We would be much obliged for any suggestion on how we can become a better partner for you.

We are honored to be a small, but reliable part of your everyday work and new discoveries.

Sincerely yours,
Bioatlas team