Bioatlas looking for new distributors and OEM partners in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia

Now that the summer holiday season is in full swing, we are taking some time away from the everyday hurry routine of production, quality control and orders, and looking more at how to develop Bioatlas further.

One of the key success factors for us so far has been our excellent network of distributors and OEM partners. Many of you have been with us since our start in 2005 and 2006. We take this as a signal of trust in Bioatlas. While we have increased the number of our partners steadily over the years, we are undertaking a new push to make our products better available to people in labs globally.

We are especially interested in covering some of the territories, where our presence currently is not as strong, as we would hope:

  • US – all states, with emphasis on California and the North-East
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Canada

In case you work in any of those (or some other) areas, we would be glad to hear from you. Maybe you know someone who serves these territories? Please drop us (or them) a line, and we can continue the discussions from there. Thank you!

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Outsource KIT development, production and logistics

We sell many reagents, that often end up in our customers’ own final products like KITs, mixes etc.

As an extension of our OEM product offer, we were asked by a few long-term customers to take on a larger role for them. They needed to bring 3 new KITs to the market, but did not want to hire the scientists to do the development, quality control etc. In the end, we developed packaging, optimized KIT contents, QC pocedures and provide logistics services to these customers now.

After we had done this for a while, we decided to make the services part of our general portfolio, and offer to all our customers.

Our KIT development and optimization service covers:

  • sourcing of KIT components
  • testing of KIT components
  • optimizing KIT protocols
  • development of QC process for KIT production
  • development of packaging for the KIT

KIT production and logistics includes:

  • Procuring KIT components
  • QC of KIT components
  • KIT production and compilation
  • QC for KITs
  • KIT  packaging
  • KIT and component storage
  • KIT shipment to client or direct to end-user on behalf of client

Benefits of outsourcing development, production or logistics are clear:

  • flexibly develop new products without additional overhead
  • source, produce, store and ship products flexibly, with per unit cost and no overhead

In short, working with us helps companies bring new products to the market quickly and with low overhead. It can also help you save on operating costs, like storage, salaries and working capital.

Contact us, explain your

needs in more detail, and let’s see, whether Bioatlas can help you make your company more efficient.

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