New web home of Bioatlas

In addition to updating our visual identity, we felt it was also time to renew our web presence. We hope the new website is easier for our visitors to navigate and, well, looks better.

Of course, we still provide relevant data about our products on the side, but there are a few changes here as well:

  • blog – we aim at updating this regularly with news about our products, but some more general facts as well. You are able to subscribe with an RSS reader (like Google Reader, for example) to receive regular updates. We promise we will not spam you with constant advertisements.
  • updated Partnership section – we hope it is now even easier to decide, how to collaborate with Bioatlas.

All in all, please send us your comments about the new website!

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The new face of Bioatlas

In case you are reading this article, it means you have noticed the new look of our website, and hopefully, also the new logo and tagline: Science of Life.

Bioatlas has grown a lot since its start in 2006, and we felt it was time to also refresh our image. After more than half a year, here we are now.

We would be very happy to receive your comments and thoughts about the new identity.

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