OEM advantages

OEM advantages

  • very fast expansion of your existing product line
  • preserve your existing brand, control customer relationships
  • option to outsource all packaging and labeling
  • option to ship directly to customer

Best situations for OEM reselling

  • the number one reason for working with the OEM model is that you have a brand that customers trust
  • opportunity to cross sell new products to existing customers, but limited R&D and production resources

From our existing OEM clients

“The Bioatlas OEM offer allowed us to introduce a PCR reagent product line under our own well known brand in 2 months. We needed a partner that can act quick, is reliable as a company, as well as deliver high quality products. We are very satisfied with the co-operation so far and consider widening the selection of products we resell.”

Sales Director of a PCR equipment manufacturer

“We have always had a very good reputation with our customers. We saw using this to offer new products both as an asset, and a potential risk. This is why we took our time before selecting our OEM PCR reagent provider. We are very happy with the service Bioatlas provides.”

Owner of a Japanese reagent provider with global presence