KIT production & logistics

In addition to KIT development and optimization, we also help customers with flexible organization of production, storage and logistics.

KIT production and logistics

Our service includes:

  • Procuring KIT components
  • QC of KIT components
  • KIT production and compilation
  • QC for KITs
  • KIT  packaging
  • KIT and component storage
  • KIT shipment to client or direct to end-user on behalf of client

By using our services, our client can:

  • Flexibly develop new products without additional overhead
  • Source, produce, store and ship products flexibly, with per unit cost and no overhead

The question often asked is, “When outsourcing, why not to China or India?” Our comments to this are, that location in the EU, and Eurozone provides our clients a number of advantages, especially for volumes, which do not justify an inevstments of 10m EUR or more in Asia:

  • Same customs zone (ie. no customs taxes, VAT, customs declarations etc. all which add to costs)
  • Same currency zone for companies working in EUR
  • Same, or similar time zone for easier communications
  • Good English skills of our workforce (if needed, German and other language available)
  • Close location for trainings, QC inspections, logistics
  • Cost advantage in Asia is smaller than the additional overhead (unless you need to open a large factory, in which case Asia might be a good option)

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