PCR Mixes

In research, time-saving ready-to-use/ready-to-load PCR mixes provide the maximum convenience by accurate and stable performance.

Bioatlas PCR mixes contain all the reagents required for PCR (except template, primer and water) in a premixed 2x  (Atlas  PCR mixes) or 5x (Titan PCR mixes) concentrated ready-to-use solution including polymerases from either Atlas or Titan product-lines (see Polymerases). Taq PCR mixes are recommended for use in routine PCR reactions to avoid pipetting errors and to save time. The HotTaq PCR mixes are based on heat-activatable polymerases providing improved specificity and sensitivity.

Ready-to-load mixes contain an additional compound needed for direct loading onto agarose gel and two tracking dyes (Titan mixes) or an inherent dye (Atlas RedTaq PCR Mix)  allowing to monitor the progress during the electrophoresis.

Learn more about each option on the individual product pages.