Atlas Taq 2x PCR Mix



– Ready-to-use mix reduces experimental variability.

– Reduced pipetting steps, thereby less time-consuming set-up of PCR.



Atlas Taq 2x PCR Mix is a prepared solution containing everything needed for successful PCR reaction except specific primers and DNA template. The mix includes high-quality recombinant Atlas Taq DNA Polymerase, nucleotides in a specifically optimized buffer formulation and MgCl2 with final concentration of 2 mM. For reaction set-up add the PCR Mix (25 µl) to the primers, template and water (is provided in the set; total volume of 50 µl).

Quality control: Free of detectable, non-specific nucleases.

Storage conditions: Store at -20ºC. Guaranteed stable for 1 year when properly stored.

Comments: This product is supplied for research use only.

Product Quantity Cat. # Data Sheet MSDS
Atlas Taq 2x PCR Mix 1 ml (100 rxn) BA01501