Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain



– Non-carcinogenic alternative to ethidium bromide.
– Excellent for in-gel staining.
– Great sensitivity: 0.2 ng (DNA) or 1 ng (total RNA).
– Low background signal



Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain is a new nucleic acid stain which can be used as a safer alternative to the traditional ethidium bromide stain for detecting nucleic acid in agarose gels.

It is as sensitive as Ethidium bromide and can be used exactly the same way in agarose gel electrophoresis.

Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. It has two fluorescent excitation maxima of ~250 and ~482 nm, and an emission maximum of ~509 nm.

Thus, Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA stain is a highly sensitive green fluorescent stain for a safe visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose gels using the Blue/Green LED technology.

Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain can be used for both precast agarose gels and poststaining.




  • Prepare 100 ml of agarose gel solution (concentration from 0.8-3.0%) and heat until the solution is completely clear and no small floating particles are visible.

  • Add 4-8 µl of Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain to the gel solution and mix it gently.

  • Cool the gel to 60-70ºC and cast the gel, into the gel tray.

  • When the gel is solid, load the samples and perform electrophoresis.

  • Detect the bands under Blue light or UV illuminator.


  • The Atlas ClearSight Gold poststaining solution may be used 2-3 times. Staining solution to be reused should be preferably stored at room temperature in the dark up to one week.

  • Add 10-25 µl stain per 100 ml of buffer.

  • Optimal staining time (10 – 30 minutes) and the amount of the stain may depend on the thickness of the gel and the percentage of agarose.


  • 1 ml of Atlas ClearSight DNA Stain is sufficient for 12-25 L of agarose gel.

  • Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain is non-carcinogenic but may irritate skin and eyes. Please wear gloves while handing.


Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain is non-carcinogenic and according to the Ames test it causes significantly fewer mutations than Ethidium bromide.

Storage & Shipping:

Store at room temperature or at +4°C, protected from light.


Product Quantity Cat. # Data Sheet MSDS
Atlas ClearSight Gold DNA Stain 1 ml BH40701