Atlas Agarose Ultra Pure



– Analytical electrophoresis of DNA and RNA

– Blotting of DNA and RNA



Atlas Agarose Ultra Pure is nuclease-free all purpose agarose powder. Ideal for routine analysis of nucleic acids by gel electrophoresis (100 – 23000 bp) or blotting (>1 Kb) and is also suitable for protein applications. Due to its low EEO, DNA will have a high electrophoretic mobility.

– Gel strength (1%)                                     ≥1200 g/cm2
– Gelling temperature (1.5%)                      36°C± 1.5°C
– Melting temperature (1.5%)                     ≥90°C

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature.
Protect from moisture. Light Sensitive.

Comments: This product is supplied for research use only.

Product Quantity Cat. # Data Sheet MSDS
Atlas Agarose Ultra Pure 100 g BA01101
Atlas Agarose Ultra Pure 500 g BA01102
Atlas Agarose Tablets 100 tablets (0.5g) BA50201